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Up-to-Date Drivers Mean a Fast PC

If your computer is running slow, there are just a few reasons why it is behaving like that. It could be because you’ve got too many programs running in the background, you’ve got a malware or a virus in your machine, or your device drivers are old and rusty. If your computer working well before and it suddenly stopped performing, there are some changes in your PC that could have caused the problem.

Windows has this feature called the automatic update. This is a program designed to automatically download the latest updates from Microsoft’s website and apply them on your computer. While this seems to be a good feature, there are a lot of updates that may interfere with the functions and drivers present in your computer. Most of these updates would leave your drivers old and outdated. As such, they would fall short in some of the functions called upon by the operating system. Therefore, the hardware and its driver would either work slower or produce an error message.

Updating your drivers may solve the problem. To update the driver, you have to first determine what makes your computer sluggish. If the monitor keeps on flicking whenever you open a graphic program, it could be a problem with your video driver. If your computer gets into a crawl while playing music in the background, the problem may be caused by the sound drivers. If your internet connection keeps dropping or takes painfully long to load, your network card driver or modem drivers could be faulty. These are just some of the cases wherein your computer is not working at par and old drivers are the culprit.

To update drivers, you just have to check the manufacturer’s website and download the drivers from there. The drivers you should get must be a higher version than the one you already have. Device driver information can be found on Device Manager. The update driver wizard may also be of help, because it can detect old drivers being installed in place of a more current one. When the computer detects that an older driver is being installed, the system would alert the user and ask if the process should be continued or aborted.

The right way of maintaining your system and keeping it functional may all boil down to updating your drivers. A simple driver update, whether automatic or manual, may just save your system from being reduced to a crippled machine.


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